Wednesday May 11 2016
Gnoukouri Jr gets two-year ban

Assane Gnoukouri’s younger brother, Zate, has been given a two-year ban for slapping a referee.

The Ivorian is in the Inter youth team, but is unlikely to have a future with the Nerazzurri after receiving a hefty ban.

While playing Atalanta in the Torneo Internazionale Città di San Bonifaci, Gnoukouri was booked for dissent.

“Upon notification of the disciplinary measure, he voluntarily and forcefully struck the referee in the face [right jaw] with an open hand, causing the referee such physical pain the game was ended early,” the disciplinary notice reads.

“The player maintained his threatening behaviour and tried to attack him again, being stopped from a serious offence only by a director from his club.”

Gnoukouri has therefore been banned until May 9, 2018.

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