Wednesday June 1 2016
Maldini: 'Milan lack knowledge'

Paolo Maldini denied he is working in America and revealed Milan directors are “lacking on a technical level.”

The former captain spoke to TeleLombardia after President Silvio Berlusconi said he was unavailable due to work with Miami FC.

“It’s true I am co-owner of Miami FC, but I have no role within the club,” insisted Maldini.

“I live in Milan, not the United States, despite what people say. I have always tried to build my future based on myself and without asking for anything. I have never descended to compromises.

“Consequently, I created an alternative to football. It’s not necessarily true that being a champion at a club means you must remain there as a director.

“However, in recent years I have been called by Leonardo, Max Allegri, Clarence Seedorf and Barbara Berlusconi. I always listened to them. They would call up and say they had nobody at the club to talk to about football.

“I have a great life that is not just made up of football, but I will always be a Milan fan. I am not the one who calls them, they call me every now and then to ask for help.

“If I was to one day have a role at a club like Milan, I’d want the right to make my own decisions. I think that we must respect the fact the current club does not see me as a person suited to that role.”

It has been reported the main problem is Maldini’s poor relationship with CEO Adriano Galliani.

“Milan are lacking something in terms of competence. They are lacking and under-structured in the technical area. I also think having two CEOs creates confusion.

“Those who called me wanted support on a technical and tactical level. The problem is not that Maldini doesn’t work for Milan, but that they’ve had so many champions and none of them can find a place in the club. That doesn’t happen at Bayern Munich.

“This is the situation. I think the group of players is fully aware of how they reached certain results. I my view, Milan believed that great players could be replaced by those who weren’t as good and the club would be enough to keep them going.

“What really disappoints me is that many lads were at Milan and wanted to give something back to this club, but are not given the chance. And I am not just talking about me.”

Berlusconi is in negotiations to sell the club to a Chinese consortium.

“I think it’s absurd to talk about new owners,” continued Maldini. “There has been talk of this for years. President Berlusconi, who I care for very much, knows what I’m like and I think he appreciates me.

“Quite rightly, I make my evaluations on whether I am compatible with certain situations or not. Am I still available? I think within the current club absolutely not, because we have completely opposing visions.

“Will the new owners keep the same men in charge? I don’t know, that is not a question for me. If I put €750m on the table to buy a club, I’d want it to have my imprint.

“It seems strange that the new owners wouldn’t decide on the men to put in charge. It would be the end of an era to have Milan owned by Chinese investors, but it’s a modern world we need to get accustomed to.

“It happened in the most important Leagues in Europe and consequently will happen in Italy. We mustn’t forget all that Berlusconi did, despite the criticism.”

Would Maldini accept an offer from a club that wasn’t Milan?