Saturday June 4 2016
Berlusconi: 'Chinese ate babies!'

Silvio Berlusconi caused outrage with his ‘joke’ about Chinese Communists eating babies. “And I’m supposed to give Milan to them?”

The President is currently in advanced negotiations to sell 70 per cent of the club to a Chinese conglomerate, which reportedly includes members of the Government.

However, he spoke to people after a political rally in Ostia, near Rome, and was filmed telling them about the situation.

“I said the Communist Chinese used to eat their babies. It’s true! It’s true!” Berlusconi said on video.

“They had a huge famine and children were dying as their mothers didn’t have the milk, so to stop the other children going hungry they’d boil them up and eat them.

“And I am supposed to give Milan to them?”

He then made a gesture with his hands as if to say ‘what has the world come to?’

Earlier on Friday Berlusconi had already made comments suggesting the negotiations had hit problems and he was unsure whether the deal would be completed.