Monday July 4 2016
Gila: 'Leaving Palermo against my will'

Alberto Gilardino thanks his supporters before leaving Palermo for Empoli 'by a decision which was certainly not mine'.

The 33-year-old enjoyed only one season with the Rosanero, but it was enough for him to develop a strong attachment.

“My dear Palermo fans, I've come to write these few lines because my adventure with your colours has come to an end, although this was most certainly not my decision,” reads a message on the player's Twitter profile.

“I wanted to thank you, because in spite of the initial skepticism due to matters of the past, you knew how to look beyond and come to know me, as I did with you.

“You supported and encouraged me for the whole duration of the season and I always felt your love. I've been very struck by the affection you've showed me on social media and in the words of your banners, and I'm ever so grateful for that.

“I've always done my best to repay your love on the pitch, by working for the best of Palermo. I'm very grateful to all my teammates and the staff, as it's thanks to them too that we reached our objective [to avoid relegation].

“It's always going to be a great honour to return to you, and ascending the stairs at the Barbera I'll remember all of the emotions I lived this year. A hug to everyone.”

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