Thursday July 7 2016
Galliani: 'Montella game is Milan's style'

Adriano Galliani says Vincenzo Montella was chosen as a Coach because 'he plays the way Milan think football should be played'.

The new Rossoneri Coach is meant to be presented today, and the joint-CEO opened the conference with some preliminary remarks.

After some perfunctory good wishes to president Silvio Berlusconi, who has begun his recovery period after being released from hospital, Galliani discussed the Aeroplanino.

“Today we present our new Coach Vincenzo Montella,” he told the Press. “He was chosen not only for the results that he obtained, but also for the beautiful game by which he obtained them.

“Vincenzo puts his faith in good football, and he plays the way we've spent 30 years believing football should be played.

“We're working tirelessly on the market. I am inundated at every hour of the day with questions about the market and I have to run away. I'm not going to say anything today, either. I'd better keep quiet, because everything I say turns back against me!”