Thursday July 7 2016
Galliani: ‘Pjaca? We’ll see…’

Adriano Galliani is coy on Milan’s pursuit of Marko Pjaca - “we’ll see, we’ll see…”

The joint-CEO of the Diavolo was pictured in Croatia this week, and it’s thought that the club is in pole position to sign the Dinamo Zagreb talent.

“The transfer campaign is restricted, so I apologise but I won’t answer anything about the transfer campaign,” Galliani told reporters at Vincenzo Montella’s preparation.

“He’s a top player who is followed by a lot of clubs. We’ll see, we’ll see.

“Being pictured in Zagreb? Amazing, the problem is that now everyone goes around the world with a camera in their pocket.

“Ronaldo, il fenomeno, and I are in pictures in every restaurant in Milan! It wasn’t like I went around taking pictures.

“One evening I was sitting quietly and you could see that I was serious. There were two young girls beside me and I avoided risks.

“Yesterday, before I left, the owner of the restaurant asked me for a picture and in a minute it was seen around the world.

“We either have to lock ourselves in the house or be rude. At the start I tried to say that I wasn’t in Zagreb.”

Mattia De Sciglio had an impressive Euro 2016, and has been linked with a move away from the club, but Galliani denies that.

“He hasn’t asked me to be sold, or made any kind of request. He’s fine, he’s back to the De Sciglio we’ve always known.

“With his scar he’s more interesting, he has a harder face and looks less like a kid!

“There’s never been any offer from Juventus. Milan wouldn’t sell him to Juventus, and there hasn’t been any offer.

“The only team which seriously asked for De Sciglio was Napoli, and we politely said no. They were the only club in the world [who asked].”