Thursday July 14 2016
Lotito: 'Roma sabotaged Bielsa!'

Enraged president Claudio Lotito claims Roma's sporting director told Coach Marcelo Bielsa not to join Lazio.

The Argentine caused an earthquake in the capital after he signed a contract to become the Biancocelesti's Coach and resigned immediately afterwards, leaving the club with the short end of the stick.

The Aquilel did not take kindly to it, and they are expected to kick off legal action against the 60-year-old.

“Bielsa is used to the endless Argentinian plains but here we are in Italy and there are laws that have to be respected,” Lotito said in his first public statements on the subject, as reported by Repubblica. “I spoke with him twice, in person and by phone. The conversation was in Italian but he understood me all right.”

In a phrase that will likely send some sparks flying, Lotito accused the Giallorossi's sporting director of discouraging Bielsa from coming.

“[Walter] Sabatini is among those that called Bielsa to tell him not to come. 'What are you coming for,' he told him, 'he's not going to buy anyone for you'. And [former Lazio player Juan] Veron did the same.

“I can't say how much money was negotiated on the contract, but Bielsa asked for first-class tickets for himself and five collaborators. Then he wanted six cars and six pre-paid cell-phones, and only five-star hotels.

"He started telling me that I had to spend €30m for a defender, €50m for another. I told him, give me the names and let me take care of the money. What the heck is that supposed to mean, telling me how much I have to spend? What if they give them to me for free?”

The fans are unhappy about the way the whole matter has been handled and will be staging a protest today.

“Sure, but I am clear like spring water, as the man said. I sell no dreams, only solid certainties.”

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