Friday August 5 2016
Milan: new deal rumours continue

Milan keep being linked to the Fosun group, who may beat Sonny Wu's conglomerate in the race to buy the club.

Reports that a new player had joined the fray in the endless saga to buy the Rossoneri were met with shock and no small measure of exasperation.

The Gazzetta dello Sport is now revealing more details about the potential new deal, suggesting it's very much a viable alternative to the Wu scenario.

The new buyers, the Fosun group, are being led in the deal by agent Jorge Mendes, who also brokered their recent purchase of Wolverhampton in England.

President Silvio Berlusconi is believed to have had extensive talks with Mendes back in May on the subject of selling the club, but these were abruptly interrupted when Wu's conglomerate was given an exclusive to negotiate the buy.

With that exclusive having expired at the end of July, the Rosea reports that talks between Berlusconi and Mendes have resumed.

The billionaire business magnate and investor Guo Guangchang, currently at the head of Fosun, is believed to be willing to offer €740m to buy the club. Unlike their competitors, they would be willing to leave both Berlusconi in charge as honorary president and joint-CEO Adriano Galliani in a position at the club.

It's uncertain whether the latter would still be taking care of the market, however, as Mendes reportedly wants to bring an agent of his own. With Andrea Berta unlikely to leave Atletico Madrid, Luis Campos could be called in because of his strong record with Ligue 1 club Monaco.

So far there have been no denials from any party involved that Fosun are looking to buy Milan, except a soft statement by Fininvest yesterday, claiming that no new negotiations were underway.