Friday August 5 2016
Milan officially deny Fosun deal

Fininvest have released an official statement denying that they are in negotiations to sell Milan to the Fosun group.

Rumours began yesterday that a new Chinese conglomerate was stepping in to acquire the club, and reports on the subject are continuing today.

As the Rossoneri environment responded with surprise and exhaustion to this new plot-twist in what appears to be an endless saga, Milan's holding company Fininvest released an official statement to deny the rumours.

“In relation to certain articles that have appeared in the Press, a Fininvest representative states again that the Fosun group has never directly or indirectly made an offer or even started negotiations relating to Milan,” reads the statement, which is being re-run by all of the club's news outlets.

Fininvest's declaration is unlikely to do much to abate the rumours though, as similar statements have often been released prior to a company revealing their interest in a major football deal.