Saturday August 6 2016
Capello: 'Milan to China was fate'

Fabio Capello says it was 'destiny' that Milan should be purchased by the Chinese: 'Today a single businessman can't cut it'.

After an extremely protracted negotiation process, the Diavolo has finally changed hands, and a conglomerate led by Chinese investor Yonghong Li will direct the club going forwards.

“It's an historic change,” former Milan Coach Capello told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “Silvio Berlusconi was the greatest president in the history of Milan. Even his worst enemy can't argue against his numbers, because nobody has won as much as he did.

“In fact, I propose that he is one of the greatest presidents in the history of world football. He took his team to the top of the world.

“I remember when he presented himself, saying 'we want to create the strongest club of them all and offer an unforgettable show'. Many laughed, and even I was skeptical. But he was right. Today, all that the Rossoneri fans must say is thank you.”

The sale of Milan follows closely on from the sale of Inter to the Chinese company Suning.

“It was destiny. Today a businessman may have powerful economic means, such as those of Berlusconi or [Inter's Massimo] Moratti. But he can't handle an international club on his own.

“The new reality relies on the resources of Arabic, Chinese, Russian groups. Look at the Premier League, where all of most important clubs, including Leicester City, are owned by foreign companies.

“For now the only clubs escaping this law are Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, because their clubs have a particular structure, and Bayern Munich in Germany, who are the country's renowned colossus.

“As for Juventus, they moved with intelligence and they have one essential resource, which is the stadium. They also managed to regenerate the bygone team spirit. Players like [Gianluigi] Buffon, [Giorgio] Chiellini, [Andrea] Barzagli, [Leonardo] Bonucci and [Claudio] Marchisio have left a trace.

“Remember what Buffon said after Sassuolo? He marshalled everyone back into order.”

Juventus have reinforced themselves to the point that many believe winning the Scudetto will be a formality for them, and Capello agrees.

“I've already said this, there's no competition. As for the Milanese teams, I'd say Inter are looking better, in spite of the six goals they just conceded against Tottenham. [Roberto] Mancini has been at work for one-and-a-half years, while [Vincenzo] Montella only just arrived.”

Finally, Capello was asked whether the Chinese investors had contacted him to work for Milan, as part of their restructuring of the club's hierarchies.

“Never mind that. I received several offers in recent times, but right now I'm fine as I am, following football in TV all over Europe.”