Tuesday August 9 2016
Mancini gives up on Inter money

Roberto Mancini will only take half of the €5.3m that he should be paid this year by Inter.

The Coach and the club officially parted ways yesterday, after ongoing disagreements over the transfer market and the type of contract that should bind the two parties.

While an official statement was released confirming that Mancini and Inter had parted ways, the exact nature of their separation deal was not specified.

Now the Gazzetta dello Sport is reporting that the contract recision will see the 51-year-old be paid a liquidation bonus of €2.65m, that is to say, exactly half of the €5.3m he would have earned in the remaining year of his contract with Inter.

Mancini could have pressed and asked for a payment of the full one year that was left on his deal, but the two parties went for a 'soft' divorce.