Monday August 15 2016
Maldini: 'Chaos in Milan'

Veteran Paolo Maldini claims 'there are no clearly defined roles nor guidance from the president' at Milan.

The legendary defender has been touted for a position as the club's ambassador, smoothing out the relationship between the environment and the new ownership from China.

“There's a lot of confusion at the club,” Maldini told Marca. “There aren't any clearly defined roles, nor is there clear guidance from the president [Silvio Berlusconi].

“Inevitably, the ream's results suffered. I think people are needed who know about football and who were part of the great Milan.

“There are many players who defined the history of the club and who could offer their contribution. But right now that's not how it is.”

The 48-year-old was then asked whether he was candidating himself with those statements.

“That's not what I said. With all due respect for those who are in Milan today, I have a very different idea of football.

“But they're the ones who are inside the club, and they can manage it whichever way they think is best.”

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