Friday August 19 2016
Higuain: 'Dear Napoli fans'

Gonzalo Higuain sent a message to Napoli fans ahead of his Juventus debut. “We’ll be fighting for the same objective, but on different sides.”

The striker is set to feature in tomorrow night’s Serie A encounter with Fiorentina in Turin.

“Tomorrow a new adventure officially begins for me, with a new team and new fans who have been very affectionate with me,” wrote Pipita on Instagram.

“Seeing as from tomorrow we’ll be fighting for the same objective but on different sides, I want to once again salute and thank the Napoli fans who celebrated with me in my three years in Naples and who supported me with great affection.

“I will not forget you, thank you for everything!”

The responses to the post from Napoli fans were predictably filled with insults.