Monday August 22 2016
Bologna close to Balotelli?

Bologna's Joey Saputo sounds reluctant to the idea of signing Mario Balotelli: 'We don't buy players for marketing purposes'.

The former Azzurro is being linked with a variety of Italian teams, the most prestigious of which being Lazio, but the Felsinei could also be an option.

“Players aren't bought for marketing purposes,” president Saputo told Repubblica. “We have a sporting director and I'll defer these decisions to him.

“Two years ago we had to climb up to Serie A and we did. Last year we had to save ourselves [from relegation], and we did.

“This year we need to improve. We have to grow nice and slow, as we've always said.”

Bologna's alternative to Balotelli could be Roma's Umar Sadiq, and the club has a summit scheduled to decide which option to pursue.