Tuesday August 23 2016
'Gabigol free to choose Inter'

Santos president Modesto Roma jr says Inter and Juventus made the only real offers for Gabigol: 'Now it's his decision, not ours'.

The talented Brazilian youngster was supposed to be one of the big introductions to Serie A this summer. But after a deal for a move to the Nerazzurri had seemingly fallen through, rumours of a transfer suddenly re-emerged, and now it appears Gabigol may sign for an Italian club after all.

“The only real offers come from Juventus and Inter,” president Modesto told Radio Globo. “Now it depends on Gabriel. Santos don't have to accept or refuse, the clauses for a move are in his contract and the club will respect them.”

The statement seems to close to the possibility of a move to the Premier League, where the likes of Manchester United, Leicester City, and Chelsea, not to mention Barcelona from La Liga, were believed to be interested.

“We've already intervened on the market ourselves, by signing people like Jean Motta, Yuri and Rodrigao.

“A club's financial well-being depends on the sale of players. It's not essential, but it's important. Santos must be balanced, and it's always good to sell someone from your squad. This year it would be good for it to happen.”

Inter seem to be in pole over Juve for a transfer, but a move would likely only be possible in the winter break, after the end of the Brazilian championship.