Friday September 2 2016
Zoff: 'Italy rise after mediocre Euros'

Dino Zoff believes Italy 'can do well' after witnessing a 'mediocre' Euro 2016, whilst discussing Gianluigi Donnarumma.

The former Azzurri goalkeeper won the World Cup in 1982, and reached the Euro 2000 final as a Coach.

As the signing of Giampiero Ventura for the Nazionale's bench signals the beginning of a new era for Italian football, Zoff released some statements on the current situation in the peninsula.

“It won't be another championship like the one that just went by, in which Juventus had no opponents,” Zoff told Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli. “Napoli, Roma and the Milanese teams can cause trouble.

“In the Champions League we can go for the Last Sixteen, then choose an objective decisively starting from March. It's going to be a good battle all the way to the end.

“For Ventura it's going to be an extremely important year. The national team can do well in spite of not having an extraordinary squad. The last Euros were mediocre and we have good prospects.”

Finally, Zoff turned his attention to Italy's most precocious talent, Donnarumma.

“Being called up for the national team and becoming a starter for Milan at the age of 17 is proof of quality. Now it's up to him to develop and confirm himself.”

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