Tuesday September 6 2016
Florenzi: 'Immobile, you're forgiven!'

Alessandro Florenzi joked with Ciro Immobile on Instagram: 'You're forgiven because of the goal!'

In a refreshing show of friendship and warmth between two players from Roma and Lazio, the two joked with each other on social media.

Florenzi and Immobile played together in yesterday's Israel-Italy World Cup qualifier. Although the Biancoceleste's performance drew attention mostly for his impromptu goal, he also wasted a glorious chance created by the Romanista's great run and pass.

“You're forgiven only because you're scored,” Florenzi posted this morning on Instagram, as the caption to a photo that showed the two of them smiling together.

This is also a testament to the continuing team-spirit that is being forged between players of La Nazionale, which was one of the sources of their strength at Euro 2016.

Picture from Alessandro Florenzi's Instagram account.

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