Saturday September 24 2016
Spalletti: 'Totti right now is perfect'

Luciano Spalletti hailed “perfect” Francesco Totti for giving himself to the Roma squad and will attend his 40th birthday party.

The captain turns 40 on Tuesday, so has Spalletti been invited to the birthday party?

“Yes, he invited me and I think I will attend, as it’s an important celebration. I will just go to wish him the best, then leave, as I don’t want to ruin the rest of the party! I am sure when the team sees me turn up, they won’t be happy to have the boss around!

“I will get him a gift and it will reflect my thoughts on him. I can’t tell you what it is, otherwise that spoils his surprise,” said the Coach in his Press conference.

“We’ve always got along and nothing has changed. He is one of the players in the Roma squad, he can play from the start, be subbed or come off the bench. He has quality and currently is perfect. He trains well, is within the group, often refers to the collective and giving a contribution to the team, which is what I wanted. We go forward together.”