Monday October 3 2016
Radu benched for insect bite

Stefan Radu was reportedly benched by Lazio after being stung by an insect, to avoid violating doping rules.

When Jordan Lukaku lined-up in place of the favoured Stefan Radu, many wondered why Coach Simone Inzaghi had made such a perplexing choice.

Now LaLazioSiamo Noi explains that the 29-year-old Romanian suffered an insect bite before the match and the cortisone cream used to treat it would have violated anti-doping rules.

With insufficient time before kick-off in order for the substance used to wear off, it was decided that Lukaku should take his place, as Radu could have risked a two-year ban had he been selected for drug testing.

The change had little effect however, as Lazio romped to a 3-0 victory over the Fruilani, a result that led to the sacking of their coach Beppe Iachini after just eight matches.