Saturday October 8 2016
Wanda: 'Icardi close to Real Madrid'

Wanda Nara confirms Inter captain Mauro Icardi was “very close to joining Real Madrid, with offers from Juventus, PSG, Napoli and Tottenham.”

Icardi’s wife also acts as his manager and from 2014 has been taking care of his contracts, often keeping fans updated or denying stories publically via Twitter.

“For three years I have been helping him with issues regarding his image and concluded deals with important companies,” she told Sport Week after his renewal to 2021.

“I’ve been a model since I was four years old, so always took care of my contracts personally. When his agent’s contract expired in 2014, he told me to carry on by myself.

“Mauro always said he wanted to stay at Inter, so I worked towards that, but it remains a business and I have to leave aside the sentiments of a wife. If there are better offers, you evaluate them.

“In 2015 Mauro was so good, he gave up on two enormous offers because he believed in Roberto Mancini’s project and was aware Inter were going through a tough time with FFP limitations.”

Wanda renegotiated Icardi’s contract this summer, including a tense rapport with Inter director Piero Ausilio.

“I had so many arguments with Ausilio! We had meetings at night, there were times when I wouldn’t answer the phone because I was angry and others in which he wouldn’t reply to me.

“I left my commission and formed a company to control Icardi’s image rights, selling 50 per cent to Inter. Ausilio thanked me because, despite everything, we never got close to the sum Real Madrid were offering.”

In July Wanda famously tweeted that “from what I can see, Inter are trying to sell Icardi.” What did she mean?

“I pointed out to Ausilio that there were many offers, so was Mauro meant to stay or go? He replied: ‘Then show me these offers.’ I was upset, as we had bought a house in Milan and he’s happy here.

“Seeing as Ausilio wanted to see the offers, I brought him the proposals from PSG, Napoli and Juventus. There was also Tottenham, although they spoke directly with Piero.

“Mauro was on the verge of joining Real Madrid and Juve sought him until two minutes before they secured Gonzalo Higuain.

“Ausilio and I argued throughout the entire negotiation process, but in the end we’re always friends again. He’s a great professional.

“I swear on my children that Mauro knew nothing about what was happening. He wanted to keep his mind clear of these thoughts. However, he started seeing strange faces in the training retreat and at that point started asking me if the stories were true.

“Only at the end did he discover how advanced the negotiations with the other clubs really were.”