Thursday October 13 2016
Telles: ‘I’d play for Italy’

Former Inter full-back Alex Telles confirms he’d accept an international call-up from Italy.

The Porto defender is Brazilian by birth, but holds an Italian passport thanks to his great-grandparents.

“Would I accept an Italy call? Of course,” Telles told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I’m Italian, but with my Italian great-grandparents I feel Italian. I have to think about doing my job at Porto, if I do well it’s something that could happen.”

Inter had a great start to last season, but slumped to fourth by the end, was there a reason for that?

“There was a mental blackout. Serie A requires total concentration at all times. If one of your teammates isn’t there mentally it affects the whole team.

“We worked well in training, but during the match it’s another thing. We lost concentration and momentum.”

Finally, the full-back was asked about the differences between Italian and Portuguese football, as well as the defeat of Roma in the Champions League play-off.

“In Italy, they put more focus on the opponent when training. Here we do it better, it’s all about us. It’s a faster, more open game.

“Roma? You can’t choose your opponent, and we know it would be tough. In the first leg, after we equalised we did well.

“Then in the return leg Roma’s two red cards helped us, but we played a great game because it’s never easy to score three goals at the Olimpico.

“If we reach the next round? We’re ready to face an Italian team, there’s no fear.”