Friday October 14 2016
Spalletti: ‘Nainggolan getting better’

Luciano Spalletti assures Radja Nainggolan is “training well” and wants the Roma midfielder to “give us the contribution we’re used to”.

The Belgian midfielder has been criticised for some of his performances this season, and has been struggling with a niggling injury.

“He had a period where he was struggling physcially, but now he’s training well,” Spalletti explained in his Press conference ahead of the Napoli game.

“If he wants to get back to being a top player then he has to continue on this path. We need strong players, so he has to get back to giving us the contribution we’re used to and that we’ve missed.”

Bruno Peres has also been under scrutiny, but the Coach believes the full-back has done well since arriving from Torino.

“I think he’s doing well, and I haven’t seen him doing anything different from past seasons.

“We can recognise the same quality, at the beginning he hadn’t trained but we needed the player in that moment. We won’t get into excuses though.

“He’s doing well, their [Napoli’s] left-wing is slightly stronger than their right, whereas we’re equally strong on the right.”

Juventus Coach Max Allegri has said the transfer window should close in July, and the winter window should be in November, does Spalletti agree?

“In broad terms he’s got a point. He’s already good but if he’s had time to think about this then he’s better than anyone, I hadn’t thought about it!

“But it must be said that going to pre-season without your full squad can be a burden, and it’s one we have to deal with. There’s an empty period, so why not take advantage of it?

“I find it hard to agree with him… but I think he’s right!”

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