Friday October 21 2016
Icardi book 'will be revised'

Paolo Fontanesi, author of Inter captain Mauro Icardi's book 'Sempre Avanti', has stated that the book 'will be reprinted' after recent controversy.

Icardi became embroiled in a row with the club's Ultras over a segment in the book, which his biographer has assured will be amended with the revised edition.

"The book will be reprinted, for which I still need to meet with Icardi," Fontanesi told "We will try to understand the parts that he wants to remove which have been agreed with the club.

"Mauro will take advantage in this reprint in order to say new things; it will not just be a case of removing a page, there will be some modified parts and the player will take the opportunity to put forward what happened. 

"The only one who has understood so far is [Enrico] Mentana, the director of [TV channel] TG La7, who has rightly said that Icardi wanted to tell this story not to rekindle any controversy, but to talk about a bad time, an unpleasant incident in which he wants to say that he is sorry for what happened.

"He will explain that it is something that happened in the past and he rightly takes responsibility for what he said. I have told him to say how the situation has changed now, how it is different. 

The writer was then asked about the role of Mauro's wife and agent Wanda Icardi in the original idea for the book

"The idea of the book came from my role as a writer, but also an editorial consultant. I proposed this book to Wanda and she liked the idea very quickly because she is a genius of communication and marketing, of this there is no doubt.

"I had given my approval for this idea: although Mauro is just 23 years old, it's nice that he can tell us his life story from when he was a child to this day when he achieved his dream of not only becoming a footballer, but a player and captain of such a great team."

Fontanesi later explained how the book was doing in terms of sales and explained that Wanda was working on an edition to be released in the couple's native Argentina.

"Yes it is going very well. I think it is the fifth best-selling book in Italy in this field. Let's hope it continues like this, because Icardi decided he will give what he makes from the books to charity. This is why he and Wanda hope it goes very well, so that the amount they donate will be even higher. 

"We're working on a separate edition for Argentina. Wanda knows the country, so she will take care of it in both the choice of publisher and the translation. She will also to ensure that there can be no misunderstandings."

Finally, the biographer gave his hopes that the rift between Icardi and the Ultras would be fully resolved in the future.

"I do not know how it will go, I hope he makes peace with the Curva. I believe that everything will work out as it did last night because despite Icardi not scoring, Inter managed to win. If Inter come back to winning ways, I think all will be happy and things will eventually heal."