Sunday October 23 2016
Ancelotti: 'England? After Italy'

Carlo Ancelotti would be prepared to take the England job – but only after sitting on the Italy bench – and tips Antonio Conte to shine at Chelsea.

The Bayern Munich boss sat down with the Mail on Sunday to discuss his past, present and future.

“The reason why I was not the Manchester United manager (after Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013) was because I had spoken before with Real Madrid. And that was the only reason.

“Of course, Manchester United is a fantastic team and everyone wants to be a manager of Manchester United. But I already spoke with Real Madrid.”

Ancelotti was also first choice to replace Conte as Italy CT in 2014, but is still enjoying his club career.

“They ask me in Italy to come back for the national team. Usually I stay in one club for two years, like at Chelsea; in Paris, one year and a half; two years in Madrid.

“I would like to stay here a little bit more, a bit longer and then after that I have to choose England or Italy.”

Does that mean Ancelotti might one day consider coaching the England team?

“But (Gareth) Southgate… After that… Why not? But later. You ask me now. And before there is Italian national team.”

Today Conte’s Chelsea take on Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United in the Premier League.

“Conte was my captain at Juventus. He was so professional and I think he is the same as a manager. I don't know him really well as a manager, but I know his character and his personality and he is really focused on his job and I'm sure in the end he's going to do a good job at Chelsea.

“Can he be a success there? I think it depends what is the goal of the club. If the goal of the club is to win the Premier League, it will be difficult.

“But if the goal of the club is to build a new group, to build a new idea of football, to build a new strategy, I think that Conte has a lot of opportunity to do well at this club.

“Every manager needs time. But I don't think we have a lot of time.”

Ancelotti also spoke to the official Bayern Munich magazine about his time at Milan, when he bizarrely still lived in Parma and took an unusual approach to commuting.

“In 2004 I got a pilot’s licence. By car that journey would’ve taken me two hours, so I got the helicopter and it was only 40 minutes.

“It’s not easy to fly a helicopter. You must be able to evaluate your own capabilities very carefully, but it is a safe mode of transport.

“Since I left Italy, I haven’t flown any more. You have to renew your licence every six months and I never did.”

Milan’s training ground already has a helipad, as President Silvio Berlusconi is wont to arrive that way for team visits.

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