Wednesday October 26 2016
Del Bosque: 'Conte should be restrained'

After Jose Mourinho, former Spain Coach Vicente Del Bosque also feels Chelsea boss Antonio Conte “needs to be more restrained.”

A row erupted after Chelsea beat Manchester United 4-0 in the Premier League last week, as Mourinho whispered in Conte’s ear that he should not fire up the crowd with such a heavy scoreline, or it is “humiliating.”

Mou seems to have an ally in another man beaten by Conte – ex-Spain manager Del Bosque.

“Mourinho's message to Conte didn't seem bad to me,” Del Bosque told El Larguero.

“Sometimes you've got to be a little more restrained when celebrating wins, truly. It hurt me too when we played Italy. 

“I'm not saying don't express joy. You don't have to be as boring as me, but express your joy in moderation. I'm not defending Mourinho, but he had a point.”