Sunday November 13 2016
Ferrero shelves Cassano

Sampdoria President Massimo Ferrero defended freezing out Antonio Cassano. “We want a team full of young Italians.”

FantAntonio was told in pre-season that he was surplus to requirements, but rejected all transfers offered to him, even if most of them were abroad or in Serie B.

“It was a technical decision,” Ferrero told Rai Sport.

“Cassano is a natural talent, he’s a champion, but we want to help the young players to grow. My idea is to have a Samp full of Italians in their early 20s.

“We have a Coach like Marco Giampaolo who will play youngsters, help them grow and hopefully make a profit on them too.”

Ferrero was famously critical of Massimo Moratti’s decision to sell Inter, so what does he make of foreign investors in Serie A?

“In my view it is love that always wins, not money.”