Friday November 25 2016
Brother reveals Kean future

Moise Kean has 'reached an agreement' with Juventus over a new contract and will sign soon, reveals his brother.

After describing their difficult childhood, Giovanni Kean gave his opinion on the current situation with his 16-year-old brother.

But which players does Moise remind him of?

"He's an interesting mix," the 23-year-old continued in Gazzetta dello Sport. "A bit panther-like, similar to [Thierry] Henry.

"But then he has a grittiness that reminds me of [Carlos] Tevez, it is the fierce desire to be in possession of the ball. If he has a chance, he goes after it everywhere to snatch it. In front of goal, however, he is cold like Mario [Balotelli]. "

"History is full of people who have had talent at age 16, but it’s gone by the 18. That's why Moise knows he has not done anything yet.

"He must work with intensity, seriousness and humility. If he behaves well, I hope that it will help to remove racism and fear. That will convince people to cheer him on, he is 200% Italian.

"Balotelli is his idol, but I assure you that on the pitch they are different: Moise sacrifices, he is generous because Juve taught this to him.

"They did it to make him become a beast and forged in the mind is the fact he is at the right club who will make him explode.

"The Juve fans can rest assured that [agent Mino] Raiola does not want to take him away. Indeed, if he had wanted to, he would have already done so.

"Maybe at the beginning Juve had not realised how strong he was. Then he only asked for a fair deal. It was found, and shortly he will sign the contract."

What will happen when Paulo Dybala and Marko Pjaca return from injury?

"Moise took advantage of their absence, but I do not know if he will remain in the first team, it depends on his commitment.

"But do not look at his age, since childhood he is used to playing with older children. Rather, he needs to raise the bar, to be put under scrutiny with the strongest.

"Maybe he will go back with the youth team, but he's fine with the senior players. He has big laughs with [Stefano] Sturaro and he loves Dybala and Pjaca."

Where would you like to see your brother in five years?

"At Juve: a number nine like [Gonzalo] Higuain. And also happy and proud in an Azzurri shirt."

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