Wednesday December 21 2016
Mandzukic: I run the most!


Mario Mandzukic insists that not only does he run more than Gonzalo Higuain, he also covers more ground than any of his Juventus teammates!

After having discussed his aversion to being substitued, the Croatian discussed team dynamics at the club.

"Is there a bad atmosphere? No, I’m only bad on the pitch, the 30-year-old continued in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

"There were no guarantees for me when Higuain arrived. In a team like Juve only stronger players arrive.

"Myself and Higuain understand each other very well, both on and off the pitch.

"Maybe people wish there was a disagreement between the two of us, but there is great mutual respect.

"Each of us has to show on the field what they are worth and you have to make your own space.

"I never raised any issues, and I think we have proven to be quite capable of playing together.

"I have a vision of football in which you have to be open to various possibilities, without thinking too much, but working to win.

"Do I run more than Higuain? No, I run more than anyone!

"Can we play in a trident with Paulo Dybala? Good players can always find an agreement. Football is actually very simple. Although sometimes people have to make it complicated and difficult."