Wednesday January 11 2017
Maradona: 'Icardi seventh choice!'

Diego Armando Maradona claims Inter hitman Mauro Icardi “should be the seventh choice for Argentina. I’d rather call Bazan Vera…”

This is not the first attack that El Pibe de Oro has made on Icardi, famously saying that in his day the striker would’ve been beaten up in the locker room for marrying his ex-team-mates’ wife.

“Icardi should be left well away from the national team,” Maradona told La Nacion.

“Rather than bring in Icardi, I’d call up (44-year-old) Bazan Vera…

“Icardi should not be the fourth choice for Argentina, but the seventh choice.”

It’s difficult to argue with Maurito’s record, as he has scored 68 goals with 21 assists in 129 appearances for Inter.

Despite that, he has just one senior cap for Argentina, which was earned in October 2013.