Thursday January 12 2017
Gagliardini: ‘Inter wanted me most’

Roberto Gagliardini chose Inter because “they’re the team which wanted me most” and dreams of winning the Champions League.

The midfielder has joined the Nerazzurri from Atalanta, with his transfer officially confirmed yesterday; a two-year loan with an obligation to buy.

“This is a dream come true and an important opportunity,” Gagliardini said in a live Q&A on PPTV.

“After these months at Atalanta, it’s important to confirm myself at Inter.

“I chose them because, in addition to having an amazing history, they’re the team which wanted me most.

“There are so many champions here, I’ve only had one training session but you can see the quality. They can make history in this sport.

“The goals for this season? To do the best I can for Inter, to be able to reach the top-three which is a key objective. We’re in good form and it’ll be important to maintain consistency.

“And for the future? The Champions League is the trophy I most want to win, because it would be the best for the team.”

Gagliardini was also asked which players he would compare himself to.

“When I was little I liked Zinedine Zidane, though I don’t have his characteristics and I never saw him play live.

“Looking at the players today, I think Paul Pogba is the best in my role.

“An Inter player as a role model? I’ve say [Javier] Zanetti. He wore the Inter shirt for 20 years, playing at the highest level. I think he’s the symbol of Inter.”

Finally, a fan asked the 22-year-old to promise to score against Juventus…

“I’ll try…”

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