Wednesday January 18 2017
Pirlo: 'Football is my life'

Andrea Pirlo reveals he will remain in football after retirement, adding 'football is my life'.

The MLS star has not yet decided when he will stop playing, but confirms he 'still has a lot of passion' for the game.

What are the midfielder's plans going forward?

"Sunday I have a meeting in New York City, then I will go on holiday in Florida," Pirlo told La Repubblica.

"It is my last season? We'll see. For now I have this and I want to enjoy it. I hope to finish well, then I'll see how I feel.

"I confirm that when I stop, I will stay in football. I still have a lot of passion, I like to watch it and talk about it, I’m not nauseated or saturated by it.

"It's the thing I do best. I do not know in what role: team manager, Coach, who knows. Nobody can understand it beforehand.

"Almost all my former teammates have now stopped training. And I am so very passionate. Football is my life."