Thursday January 19 2017
Galliani: 'Milan's definitive Deulofeu bid'

Milan chief Adriano Galliani confirmed “we presented a definitive offer to Everton for Gerard Deulofeu: paid loan with option to buy.”

The breakthrough came last night when the Toffees opened the door to a loan with option after rejecting a dry loan and discovering the Rossoneri were unable to promise an obligation to buy.

“We have presented a new offer to Everton: paid loan with option to buy. If they accept, that’s good, if not then we’ll have to move on,” CEO Galliani told this evening.

“We took a step forward, we hope they will take a step back and we’ll meet in the middle. We went from a dry loan to a paid loan with option to buy, we’ll see if they accept. We hope so.

“I sent an email 10 minutes ago with our definitive offer and we’ll see what happens.”

It's reported the Rossoneri are offering to pay €0.5m for the six-month loan plus option to buy for €18m.

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