Friday February 3 2017
Zaza: 'Why I failed at West Ham'

Simone Zaza has attempted to explain the causes of his failure at West Ham United, admitting 'I didn't think so much could have gone wrong.'

The striker made the move to London from Juventus in the summer, but made just five Premier League starts and joined Valencia in January.

"Once I realised that I needed to leave Juve I decided to try an adventure abroad," Zaza told Gazzetta dello Sport." 

"West Ham was one of the teams that I wanted the most.

"But quickly I didn’t feel great in so many ways: environment, culture, training, nutrition.

"I'm not being a victim, I know that plying your trade as a footballer allows you to earn so much.

I"’m just trying to explain the causes of my failure. I knew I'd find some difficulties, but I did not think there could be so many. I do not blame anyone: 99% of it's my fault because I was not able to adapt.

"I was sure that I’d make it but it was probably because I’m set in my ways. I’m attached to my habits, my things, my points of reference otherwise I’m lost and I can’t find myself.

"I was not good physically. I had been through pre-season with Juventus so I was ok. When I got there I found a different method of training: you exercise less, sometimes the sessions last 40 minutes and almost immediately I didn’t feel good.

"I need to train more, for someone to kick my ass. The problem is that on Sunday other people went to a thousand percent. Not me. I wanted to do things that come naturally when I'm playing well and I could not do them. And I became crazy.

"What went wrong? I've been wondering myself. Because my story says that I have always done everything to reverse difficult situations, like when I went down to C1 in Viareggio and the situation was cruelly clear: either go back or stay with them. I made it without thinking.

"Maybe in London I was thinking too much. And maybe this different personal attitude ended up being counter-productive."

How did Zaza come to a decision to cut his losses and leave West Ham in January?

"It was not easy. Be left in a sense of being a loser bothers me. It will remain a blot on the landscape that this story that did not go as I hoped.

"Already in early October I received calls from several teams. And I said no because I wanted to do well in London.

Up until West Ham would gave me the news that they wouldn’t buy me. Then I started to listen to offers. After what I’d been through in England I was afraid to change country again, I preferred to return to Italy, but it was very complicated.

"Valencia was always been the team I wanted most, and then there was [Cesare] Prandelli. I showed interest and it took time. I wanted to know how they live here. Among others I heard from Nicola Sansone, who lives here.

"Everyone told me it is a wonderful place. And it's true. It is similar to Italy. And then to be by the sea and in sun, makes me happy, I do not need anything else.

"Suddenly, the relationship between them and Prandelli was over. But they have been brought back to life."

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