Friday February 3 2017
Mancini 'Inter situation was absurd'

Roberto Mancini has spoken about an 'absurd' situation at Inter, where he was replaced by Frank de Boer just weeks before the season started.

The former Manchester City boss has been linked with West Ham, and took the opportunity to discuss his previous post with the Nerazzurri.

"Inter had created an absurd situation," the Coach told La Stampa. "It was more and more difficult to manage, there were too many people talking.

"The Suning group were perfect with me, I was sad to leave, I'm sure we would’ve had a great year.

"The boys were getting better, my Inter were preparing to win again, but to work well we needed the confidence of all."

What is Mancini's opinion of his ill-fated replacement Frank de Boer?

"He said the team was not running in training, but this is incorrect.

"I forgive him because working at Inter in those conditions was not easy, he did not know anyone, they did not help him, so it is only natural to look for excuses.

"I'm sorry it ended badly, he needed more time to adapt."

The Coach was then asked if he would ever consider becoming Juventus Coach.

"How many times have I been asked if I would go to Juve? Many, especially among my Juventini friends.

“The answer is always the same. Yes, because I'm a professional."