Friday February 3 2017
Cuadrado: 'I was born to smile'

Juventus winger Juan Cuadrado admits he was 'born to smile' and explained how this has helped him through difficult times.

The Colombian's father was murdered when he was just four-years-old, but the 28-year-old shows an ever-present positive outlook.

"Why do I always smile? I was made like this," Cuadrado told La Repubblica.

"And the fact of being Colombian helps because South Americans are cheerful in nature, Colombians most of all.

"The fact is that I lived during time when I learned to trust in smiling even in difficult times.

"Happiness is an affluence, although it doesn't always happen or sometimes it gets confused.

"I am very serious, but ever since I arrived in Italy they have told me I do not look like I am.

"But it is not the case if you listen to music, make jokes or if you smile when you're not thinking about the game.

"The Italians have a different culture, they are very concentrated it’s true, but Brazil have won five World Cups singing and dancing, right?

"Joy, thanks to God, is my way of dealing with the seriousness of life and getting out of difficult times."

The winger arrived in Italy with Udinese in 2009, which must have been a very different environment from his native country.

"Mamma mia it was cold in Udine, I had only known summer back in Colombia!

"And then I had to become a full-back, I had only played this position in the Colombian league that is different from here. I did not know anything tactically.

"But it was also nice to live through those moments, because I have always forced myself not to lose the joy and smile.

"I told myself that I was there to achieve the dream that I had begun to dream when I was five, and that in no way in this world would I go back.

"I resisted because I pray so much, most of my strength comes from faith in God."