Monday February 13 2017
‘Messi never close to Inter’

Marco Tronchetti Provera, CEO of Inter’s sponsors Pirelli, admits Lionel Messi was only ever “a provocation to fuel dreams” among fans.

Tronchetti Provera claimed a few months ago that Messi could never be ruled out by Inter, but he has since clarified that the Barcelona superstar is out of the Nerazzurri’s reach, although he is hopeful of his club being a destination for world-class players again.

“Suning? They’ve shown great sincerity,” he told Gr Parlamento.

“They’ve assumed responsibility of the team and their interest in football and Inter can be seen.

“They know where to take [the club]. You can see that they want Inter to be back among the biggest clubs in the world. They’re on the right track.

“Messi? It was a provocation to stimulate the club, to fuel dreams, but top players are already there, although in the future, as a fan, I can always hope for the best [players].

“Do I miss our champions of the past? There are many players that remain in my heart, but Inter are a top team again. There are no regrets but only hopes for the future.”