Friday February 17 2017
Sebastiani: 'Zeman wants me at Pescara'

Pescara President Daniele Sebastiani reveals he “agreed a deal in two minutes” with Zdenek Zeman and will stay unless someone has a better proposal.

The patron had declared he was selling the club after two of his parked cars were set alight earlier this month by hooligans.

He sacked Coach Massimo Oddo and today presented Zeman, who had already taken the Delfini to promotion from Serie B in 2011-12.

“The Coach was contacted by our director, but he wanted to hear my voice to figure out if I really wanted this and to check if I would stay at Pescara,” explained Sebastiani in today’s Press conference.

“Zeman wanted to know if I was going to stay, otherwise he said there was no point to him coming back. It took us at most two minutes, maybe a minute and a half, to reach an agreement.

“I am staying, but obviously if I was to find someone who could make Pescara stronger than I can, I’d be ready to step aside.”