Tuesday February 28 2017
Chiellini: 'It's all bar talk'

Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini compared Napoli protests to Inter’s complaints after the defeat to Roma. “The controversy sucks energy from them.”

The Partenopei were enraged after a 3-1 Coppa Italia defeat in Turin, which saw the hosts awarded two contentious penalties.

“More than anything we were struggling to pass out of defence. We changed attitude more than system in the second half, showed we are a side of depth. We got the victory and the first half should teach us we can’t gift 45 minutes to strong opponents,” Chiellini told Rai Sport.

“I’ve heard this bar talk before. On Sunday I saw Inter-Roma and with all due respect a side that deserved the victory by a country mile, as they clearly dominated the game and were stronger in every way.

“I go to bed and people are talking about everything except the performances of Nainggolan, Szczesny and Fazio. The same is happening tonight.

“I gave an interview three weeks ago and said that it makes me laugh now when I hear fans say these things, but it’s more disheartening when Coaches do it, but it hadn’t happened for a while. That’ll teach me to talk! The last three weeks have been non-stop!

“At the end of the day, all this controversy just sucks energy from them and doesn’t really touch us, as we know what we’re doing on the field.

“I hope, as a good Italian, that Napoli don’t waste too much energy, as I’d love them to beat Real Madrid in the Champions League. I’m happy to have two Italians winning their Champions League groups, which hasn’t happened in who knows how many years.

“I want Roma to do well in the Europa League, too. Only in Europe, mind you…”