Thursday March 2 2017
Ferrero: ‘Leave refs alone!’

Sampdoria President Massimo Ferrero calls for Serie A referees to be left alone - “Juventus win because they’re well-run”.

Controversy over officiating has once again been ignited this week, after Daniele Doveri awarded the Bianconeri two penalties against Napoli in the first leg of their Coppa Italia semi-final.

“All of us, myself first and foremost, have had our grievances with referees,” Ferrero admitted outside the Lega Serie A headquarters.

“They have a really difficult job though, so I stopped. We don’t need excuses, we’re giving them to players who don’t have any.

“Valeri is very good, two years ago he got it wrong against me but I didn’t start with this rhetoric. Let them work.

“Let’s talk about good things, let’s open the doors to fans and take away the tessera del tifoso. Everyone does this with Juventus, but in doing so we’re killing the League.

“Juve win because they’re a well-run club, we need to create a strong Lega, a more united house. Enough breaking the balls of referees.

“I don’t hate them [Juventus] because it’s the 11 men on the pitch who win. We have to be constructive off the pitch, and bitter enemies on it.

“We need to give a good impression, when incidents go against us we need to stay quiet.”