Thursday March 2 2017
Juve crowd fined, not Lazio fans

Marco Parolo is suspended for the Coppa Italia semi-final against Roma, while Juventus are fined for anti-Neapolitan chants, but Lazio are not penalised for racist abuse.

The Disciplinary Commission gave its verdict after the first legs of the Coppa Italia semi-final this week.

Lazio midfielder Parolo will be banned for the second leg against Roma after picking up a yellow card, his second of the tournament.

The controversy will be in the fines handed – or not – to the clubs for the actions of their supporters.

The report confirms a racist chant was heard for around five seconds aimed at Napoli defender Kalidou Koulibaly at the Juventus Stadium, but that it was so brief and from such a small number of fans that it did not warrant a fine.

However, Juventus were fined €10,000 for a 20-second chant representing ‘territorial discrimination’ – abuse against those from the South of Italy.

On the other hand, the referee’s report confirms “repeated” racist noises aimed at Roma defender Antonio Rudiger, even after a statement over the tannoy system warned the game would be suspended if it continued.

Nonetheless, Lazio are not fined because it was “impossible to ascertain the number or percentage of the fans who joined in the chant.”