Saturday March 18 2017
Galliani: 'Berlusconi can keep Milan'

Adriano Galliani dropped the biggest hint yet that the Chinese takeover could be abandoned. “Milan are not orphans and Silvio Berlusconi is able to carry on.”

The closing has been postponed repeatedly and the latest €100m deposit has not arrived on time.

There was a banner in the stands during the 1-0 win over Genoa this evening that read: ‘We want clarity.’

“We’ve got clarity and we couldn’t finish everything by the first date, so we allowed two extensions, but I want to point out that Milan are not orphans,” CEO Galliani told Milan TV.

“It might be banal to say this, but Vincenzo Montella has everything he asks for, the wages are paid on time, the electricity hasn’t been cut off.

“If the Chinese investors don’t arrive, it’s not as if Berlusconi wouldn’t be able to keep Milan going the way he has done for 31 years and I can assure you he is able to carry on.

“If by April 7 others arrive, they will be welcome, but as the contracts are signed by two parties, we’ll carry on regardless.”

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