Monday March 20 2017
Buffon: CL win motivates me

Gianluigi Buffon admits that a Champions League win is 'what motivates' him 'to keep playing.'

Time is running out for the 39-year-old, so Juventus must advance beyond Barcelona in the quarter-finals next month in order to take a step closer to realising this aim.

 The Carrara-native broke the record for most number of minutes played for the Bianconeri this weekend, but how would he describe his role in the team?

"A goalkeeper must be a masochist," Buffon told Kicker magazine. "As a role, it can be likened to that of the referee. He has the power to command, but can only concede goals, can not score, and must endure constant insults.

"Psychologists should study this role, as it is so contradictory. For me to make a mistake is a shock. It takes me days to recover. I envy those who do not commit more… for them the shock is not so great.

"For years, I have wondered what pushes to keep playing. This inner battle gives me stronger motivation. If I had won the Champions League I would be empty: the thought spurs me on."

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