Azzurri Ultra

In a daily update on how the Italy fans were feeling during the tournament, Richard Hall went through the gamut of emotions.

June 10 - Gauntlet thrown

Getting gladiatorial ahead of the tournament in France. Read more

June 11 - Crossroads

Dimitri Payet showed the tiny gap between positivity and negativity. Read more

June 12 - Last night nerves

Just before the opening game, Italy fans feel anxiety and worse of all hope. Read more

June 13 - The day of days

Expecting a gritty battle with group favourites Belgium. Read more

June 14 - Passion, Professionalism, Pride

Even our most fervent fan doubted the Azzurri, but boy did they deliver. Read more

June 15 - Aftermath

Can we just win a game without everyone reminding us of past mistakes? Read more

June 16 - Second game syndrome

Feeling the heat against Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Sweden. Read more

June 17 - Those perfect imperfections

Embracing the here, the now and the Eder. Read more

June 18 - An inconvenient win

Italy are top of the group, but that may well be no reason to celebrate. Read more

June 21 - Countering Ireland

At last an opponent that can unleash Italy's counter-attacking instincts. Read more

June 22 - No Spain, no gain

It's a tough draw, but the Azzurri must face this test fearlessly. Read more

June 23 - Changes for the good

Italy were transformed against Ireland and rather lost their way. Read more

June 27 - Revenge in mind

The time has come for Italy to avenge Euro 2012, or not... Read more

June 28 - A team of giants

Sweet revenge against Spain and now for old rivals Germany. Read more

June 29 - United we stand

The Nazionale's unity is exemplified by Lorenzo Insigne. Read more

July 2 - History is today

Past glories are reassuring, but Italy must focus on the here and now with Germany. Read more

July 3 - Grazie ragazzi

If ever there was a heroic defeat, then this was one to make Italy fans proud. Read more