Just as a leopard can't change its spots, some Serie A clubs simply cannot shake their natural identities, for good or bad, writes Susy Campanale.
Italy’s Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora has made an absolute hash of handling the post-pandemic football response in Italy, writes Susy Campanale.
Chievo winger Eriberto shocked the football world in 2002 when confessing he’d lied about his age, name and entire identity, as Luciano Siqueira was four years older…
The Coronavirus crisis has brought the worst out of Serie A and all Italian organisations, as Susy Campanale urges everyone to just accept what needs to be done.
Lazio have grown both on and off the field in recent years, as Susy Campanale sees them rivalling Roma to become the leading light in the Capital.
Maybe Carlo Ancelotti was always too nice to make his mark at Napoli, as Susy Campanale feels his style of ‘soft power’ no longer works.
Football fans are a mere microcosm of society and what Mario Balotelli faced in Verona reflected a larger issue, writes Susy Campanale.
Stefano Pioli is only the latest poor sap to take the thankless task of leading Milan, as Susy Campanale identifies the real culprits.
Liverpool should not be warning their fans to avoid Napoli ultras, but rather encourage a twinning of two very similar cities, writes Susy Campanale.
Despite the misgivings of many Napoli, Chelsea and Juventus fans, Maurizio Sarri taking the Bianconeri job makes perfect sense to Susy Campanale.