It was a weekend of dire draws, but some sides tried harder than others to break that deadlock, writes Susy Campanale.
All chains in football are finite, writes Susy Campanale, including Napoli unbeaten runs, Benevento losing streaks and Juventus title celebrations.
Who knows how many tiny moments will decide the title race in Serie A this season? Susy Campanale believes we saw a few in this weekend's games.
There's a revolution taking place in Serie A and anyone who assumes things are going their way will be left empty-handed, writes Susy Campanale.
Italy's failure to reach the 2018 World Cup was like watching a car crash unfold in slow-motion, powerless to stop it, writes Susy Campanale.
Following the defeat in Sweden with an inexplicable team selection, Giampiero Ventura has no more Italy advocates, writes Susy Campanale.
Few expected Roma to be the paragons of squad rotation, but Napoli lack understudies and Milan are missing ideas, writes Susy Campanale.
Week 11 showcased how important it is to have a top-class centre-forward and, notes Susy Campanale, not just for the goals they score.
This sport cannot be an exact science because there are so many moving variables, as Susy Campanale saw in Serie A Week 9.
Going into the first Derby della Madonnina of the season, Milan and Inter have swapped their traditional characteristics, writes Susy Campanale.