SPAL's surprise draw blew the title race wide open again, but Susy Campanale warns in the final weeks there could be similar slip-ups for Juventus and Napoli.
Even the most optimistic of Milan fans didn't think Gennaro Gattuso would transform them tactically as well as psychologically, writes Susy Campanale.
While Napoli and Juventus steamroller everything in their path, the chasing pack need to freshen up their tactical ideas, writes Susy Campanale.
We're into the second half of the season, so Lazio and Atalanta have earned the right not to be called surprises anymore, writes Susy Campanale.
A set of freakish occurrences closed out 2017 and at the midway point Serie A is starting to look like a two-horse race, writes Susy Campanale.
Week 17 was the clearest indication yet that this season will be on a knife edge at the top and bottom of the table, writes Susy Campanale.
It was a weekend of dire draws, but some sides tried harder than others to break that deadlock, writes Susy Campanale.
All chains in football are finite, writes Susy Campanale, including Napoli unbeaten runs, Benevento losing streaks and Juventus title celebrations.
Who knows how many tiny moments will decide the title race in Serie A this season? Susy Campanale believes we saw a few in this weekend's games.
There's a revolution taking place in Serie A and anyone who assumes things are going their way will be left empty-handed, writes Susy Campanale.