Maybe Carlo Ancelotti was always too nice to make his mark at Napoli, as Susy Campanale feels his style of ‘soft power’ no longer works.
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Stefano Pioli is only the latest poor sap to take the thankless task of leading Milan, as Susy Campanale identifies the real culprits.
Liverpool should not be warning their fans to avoid Napoli ultras, but rather encourage a twinning of two very similar cities, writes Susy Campanale.
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Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly a huge boost for Juventus and Serie A, but Susy Campanale doesn’t see this as a compliment.
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Roberto Mancini won his debut and Mario Balotelli scored on his comeback, but Susy Campanale felt it just confirmed people are never happy with Italy.
If Police and media in Rome are creating the expectation of Liverpool 'hooligans' causing trouble, Susy Campanale thinks that's worth knowing in advance