After six weeks without football, Giancarlo Rinaldi’s mind wanders back to when Serie A was introduced to an unsuspecting British public.
Playing behind closed doors can neutralise home advantage, but it was Inter who folded at the empty Juventus Stadium, writes Giancarlo Rinaldi.
Gennaro Gattuso’s defensive web almost trapped Barcelona, but Giancarlo Rinaldi worries it’ll be remembered as a missed opportunity for Napoli.
Atalanta are ripping up the book of clichés about Italian teams in the Champions League and Giancarlo Rinaldi is enjoying the ride along with them.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic revitalised Milan for 45 minutes, but Inter had a collective to rely on and that will always trump individuals, writes Giancarlo Rinaldi.
The Derby della Capitale ended in a draw, so Giancarlo Rinaldi believes both Roma and Lazio can take positives from the performance as well as a point each.
The Scudetto is ultimately decided by weekends like this, explains Giancarlo Rinaldi, as Juventus grind, Inter grumble and Lazio go wild.
Ending their Napoli taboo confirms Inter are more than capable of snatching the Scudetto from Juventus, notes Giancarlo Rinaldi.
Roma proved they are at a far more advanced stage of their American project in every sense compared to Fiorentina, writes Giancarlo Rinaldi.
Ultimately, Inter put themselves in a far more complicated Champions League situation than they needed to, writes Giancarlo Rinaldi.