Gianluigi Buffon’s return to Juventus after just one year benefits both player and club, assures Giancarlo Rinaldi, and is far tastier than reheated soup.
Federico Chiesa lit up Italy's European Under-21 Championship opener against Spain with a brilliant brace. Giancarlo Rinaldi thinks it's time to start taking the Fiorentina winger seriously.
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Gian Piero Gasperini might be tempted by a bigger club, but Giancarlo Rinaldi warns it’d never be the same as building something truly great with Atalanta.
It’d be reductive to call Atalanta’s run to the Coppa Italia Final a dream, as Giancarlo Rinaldi praises the planning behind the Bergamo project.
A step backwards or a genuine opportunity to recapture the golden days? Giancarlo Rinaldi analyses Vincenzo Montella’s return to Fiorentina.
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It was heartening to see an Italy goalfest after what felt like years, but Giancarlo Rinaldi won’t get too excited about thrashing 10-man Liechtenstein.