The World Cup begins today, but Italy aren't invited to the party and Giancarlo Rinaldi is only just starting to realise how much Azzurri fans will miss out on.
There are choppy seas ahead, but Italy should focus on the positives and move in the right direction after defeat to France, writes Giancarlo Rinaldi.
Lazio and Inter provided a dramatic finale to this remarkable Serie A season that screenwriters must envy, writes Giancarlo Rinaldi.
Juventus proved once again that their golden domestic era isn't going to end yet, while Giancarlo Rinaldi notes Milan still have much to learn.
It was another epic, gladiatorial performance from the Giallorossi and Giancarlo Rinaldi hopes they can build on this Champions League adventure.
Juventus played for a draw, but Napoli and Kalidou Koulibaly ensured it's game on for the title race, not game over, writes Giancarlo Rinaldi
It was improbable, unthinkable and ultimately unforgettable, as Giancarlo Rinaldi joined all Italian football fans cheering Roma's triumph over Barcelona
The defeat to Argentina confirmed Gigi Di Biagio is not up to the task, as Giancarlo Rinaldi insists the only man who can save Italy is Carlo Ancelotti.
When a defeat is described as a catastrophe, football can't find the words to describe Fiorentina captain Davide Astori's passing, writes Giancarlo Rinaldi.
Napoli received a potentially fatal double blow in the Scudetto race from Juventus and Roma, but Giancarlo Rinaldi assures it's by no means over yet.