Udinese director Pierpaolo Marino – whose club shares owners with Watford – revealed this evening that “the Premier League is about to announce its season is over.”
President of the Referees’ Association Marcello Nicchi is looking forward to the day when Serie A can resume, even without VAR. “I hope after all this, people can realise the beauty of sport.”
Italy is finally “on the downward trajectory” of the coronavirus pandemic curve, while it’s announced a “reliable” test for COVID-19 antibodies has been developed, allowing for a ‘passport’ to work and travel.
FIFA have announced contracts will be extended and transfer windows shift in line with the changing fixture list after the COVID-19 crisis. “It is proposed that contracts be extended until such time that the season does actually end.”
There were another 604 deaths, taking the total fatalities to 17,127, but Italy have turned a corner in the COVID-19 pandemic with 258 leaving hospital and 106 new intensive care unit beds available.
An extreme plan has been floated which would see all the remaining Serie A games played and teams hosted in the Rome area, which has been less hit by the coronavirus pandemic.
AIA President Marcello Nicchi has revealed that the referees may be forced to resume the campaign without VAR.
FIGC President Gabriele Gravina has confirmed that ending the Serie A season in September or October is a ‘possibility’.
Clubs are expected to begin negotiating individually for wage cuts during the coronavirus lockdown, as the Players’ Association President Damiano Tommasi warns “we must protect those with lower salaries.”
Brazilian legend Zico believes Atletico Madrid and Atalanta could be the Champions League favourites this season, while he admires Maurizio Sarri’s style of football.
When players do return to training, they will be rigorously tested and divided into three groups: positive, immune and not immune for COVID-19.
If Serie A does resume on May 20, the plan would be to conclude the season on July 2, playing the outstanding Week 25 fixtures first, then the remaining 12 rounds.
There are discussions for a ‘solidarity fund’ created from docking the wages of some Serie A and B players to help cover salaries of Serie C squads.
Plans are taking shape for how to get Serie A going again in May or June, with blanket coronavirus tests for squads, quarantine periods for those coming from abroad and structured training.
The number of deaths in Italy from coronavirus remains relatively stable, with 760 over the last 24 hours, reaching 13,915 in total.
Players’ Association President Damiano Tommasi insists cutting wages is “not a priority” right now, but rather a protocol for returning to duty and dealing with contracts if the season goes beyond June 30.
Minister for Sport Vincenzo Spadafora announced there is “an extraordinary plan for sport to resume from May,” as Italy eye an easing of lockdown measures due to the coronavirus pandemic.
A new Government decree in Italy has banned training in sporting facilities for professionals until at least April 13 due to the coronavirus lockdown, effectively ending the debate between clubs.
A leading epidemiologist running one of Italy’s coronavirus taskforces warns it is “difficult” to see sport resume in Italy before the summer, although self-isolation prevented “tens of thousands more deaths.”
FIGC President Gabriele Gravina has confirmed that “the idea is to restart Serie A on May 20 or early June. Scrapping the season would be a grave injustice.”