Sunday August 7 2011
Players explain Serie A strike

President of the Players' Association Damiano Tommasi explains why Serie A could go on strike. “It's about rights, not money.”

Today the captains of all 20 clubs signed an open letter threatening to postpone the opening weekend of the season if the Lega Serie A didn't complete the collective bargaining contract.

“It's not right that every time the option of a strike emerges we are met by the usual clichés about rich players,” complained AIC President Tommasi.

“We are not talking about money in this situation, but just about the rights of each player to train with his team.

“The Presidents first gave a positive response to the proposal, then refused to sign the contract.”

This issue has been dragging on for a year and mainly involves whether a club can freeze players out of the squad.

Following the controversy of those like Goran Pandev and Cristian Ledesma at Lazio, who were barred from training with their teammates during a contract dispute, this has become a tense situation.

Chievo captain Sergio Pellissier gave his reasons as to why the players were taking action.

“This is not a strike at all, but simply postponing the start of the season. It's absurd that we are the only country in Europe without a collective bargaining contract.”

The Serie A season is due to kick off on August 27-28.