Tuesday August 9 2011
Clubs warn of Serie A players' strike

The President of the Lega Serie A concedes players could go on strike, because they are “not close” to a deal on the collective bargaining contract.

The AIC (Italian Players' Association) warned this week in an open letter they could call off the opening round of the season on August 27 and 28 in protest if the collective bargaining contract is not signed.

“We still need to find a deal and cannot get started with a piece of the contract undefined,” warned Maurizio Beretta.

He is the President of the Lega Serie A, the union of 20 top flight clubs who are currently in the dispute with the players.

“We need a point of coming together. Are the AIC right to be optimistic? I don't know, but we are not close to a deal.

“The AIC are firm in their position. There is a meeting on August 19 and we will try to find a solution on that occasion.

“The 800 Serie A players have wages of on average €1m per year. The market sets the price, so I am not scandalised by their contracts, but you can't have the wages of a general manager and expect the rights of a metal sheet worker.

“Refusing to play would be a big mistake and the people wouldn't understand.”