Wednesday August 10 2011
Aquilani: 'Italy in a good place'

Alberto Aquilani believes Italy “are in a good place” after defeating Spain. “We're trying to get close to that style.”

The Liverpool midfielder scored the winning goal when the Azzurri beat the Furia Roja 2-1 in Bari.

“This was another performance that shows we have grown a great deal over the past year. This test was to let us know how far we've come and I'd say we are in a good place,” said Aquilani.

“It's a different mentality of how to control the game and the tempo. We're trying to get closer to that style, although I'm not sure comparisons are right.”

This is his third Italy goal and curiously all of them were scored in Puglia, as his other two were in Lecce.

“This area brings me luck! I needed luck with tonight's goal, as there was a pretty big deflection, but I'll take it!

“It is very satisfying for us to beat the strongest team in the world, the world and European champions. It's a wonderful boost for us to get this victory. I feel bad for Fernando Torres, who is a lovely lad and is in hospital for tests to his ankle.

“It's important for me to be a part of this squad, which has great potential. When I'm here I work hard to prove myself to the Coach, but we all do, so it's no problem. He makes his decisions.”

Aquilani has been linked to numerous clubs after Juventus opted not to make his loan into a permanent move.

“All I can say is that there has been a lot of talk. I wasn't following the Italian media much over the summer, but whatever happens I am at a great club like Liverpool. I'd love to make my mark at Liverpool. The transfer market is open until August 31, so we'll see what happens.

“Obviously I would take the offer of a permanent move into consideration with Liverpool.”

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