Friday August 19 2011
Moratti: 'Stop manipulating 2006 title'

Inter President Massimo Moratti sent an open letter to Fiorentina demanding they “stop trying to manipulate” the 2006 Scudetto controversy.

Viola patron Diego Della Valle has continually called for round table talks to clear the air after the FIGC failed to revoke Inter's 2006 title simply because of the statute of limitations.

“It is difficult to comprehend the repeated requests for a meeting put forward by ACF Fiorentina shareholder Diego Della Valle: it is not a private matter that can be settled by sitting down for a chat around a table,” wrote Moratti in an open letter.

“The matter has already been resolved by the competent institutions and respect for such institutions should induce all parties to abide by the decisions taken, as is congruous for those living in a civilised country, since no informal chat between individuals can substitute rulings made by competent authorities.

“Neither Inter as a club nor myself intend to behave any differently, not because we have anything to fear but because we have faith in the authorities, be they sporting or judiciary.

“Any meeting held elsewhere would not only be entirely inappropriate, it would also be disrespectful towards the rulings that have already been made and those which are yet to be passed.

“These repeated requests do little more than keep alive and pointlessly prolong a matter which has already been concluded with the verdicts rendered, which are clearly unsatisfactory to Mr Della Valle, who is of course also sensitive about verdicts that are yet to be pronounced.

“F.C. Internazionale and the undersigned intend to abide by the decisions made by the institutions and trust that this should now suffice to put an end to these requests which appear manipulative and to which no further attention will be given.

“Massimo Moratti, F.C. Internazionale President.”

New evidence emerged that the Disciplinary Commission ruled would have led to Inter being stripped of the 2006 Scudetto, but the FIGC could not act as the statute of limitations had expired.

Juventus have pledged further legal action to have the Serie A title – originally won by the Bianconeri and stripped in the Calciopoli trial of 2006 – either awarded back to them or left unassigned.

Fiorentina and other clubs urged Inter to forego the statute of limitations and open the door for a full trial.

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